Located in East Africa, Kenya stands out as one of the internationally recognized tourist destination and enormous positive review and recommendations from previous visitors and cyber reflections. Kenya is border by Uganda to the West, Tanzania to the South, Ethiopia to the North, Somalia to the North-East and the colossal Indian Ocean to the East.

Kenya’s geographical location categorically presents cosmic thrilling tourism experience; an intuition that leaves you intrigued with the urge to explore and adventure. In addition, Kenya is a bustling gateway to the world’s most reminiscent and electrifying travel destinations with the vast wildlife, beautiful scenery and topography in the heart of Africa.

With incredible tourist locations varying in the profusion, the diversity of animals with captivating scenery, fastidious climate and altitude; Kenya’s wildlife and tourism locution hails from the famous savannahs of Maasai-Mara to the ornithological bliss of Lake Nakuru, the Equatorial Peaks of Mount Kenya, the fish for trout in the crystal clear streams, the obsidian caves and hisses of natural geysers/hot springs to the trove of coastal treasures and pearly beaches, to mention but the most thrilling.

Kenya's wildlife sanctuaries are devoted to the supreme protection of the indigenous flora and fauna; the National Reserves, where wildlife co-exists from time immemorial in perfect harmony with the rich pastoral nomadic cultural heritage; exhibited by the Maasai, Samburu, Pokot, Turkana, Kalenjin, among others. This analogy portrays a patent preservation of culture rich in values, customs, art & craft, music & dance and a diverse heritage; a vital tourism gift for Kenya.

Kenya is endowed with a stunning diversity of landscapes, wildlife and plant life, and intriguing cultures; from hand feeding Giraffes, to adopting orphaned elephants to taking breathtaking balloon safaris at the crack of dawn; the East African thrill doesn’t get any better - true safari experience.

With more than forty five (45) National parks and reserves, Kenya is a home to the most diverse bird species, animals, aquatics and beautiful scenery. This is portrayed by the astounding wildlife; big ‘cats’ (such as lions and cheetahs), giraffe, impala, eland, waterbuck, gazelle among others in Amboseli National Park(the word ‘Amboseli’ hailing from a Maasai word meaning ‘salty-dust’); elephants, zebras, hippos, et cetera. In the beautiful topographically varied plateau of Yatta, the Mudanda Rock, the highlights of the Mzima Springs, Chaimu crater and Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary all in the plains of Tsavo national Park, Samburu and Shaba National game Reserves, Mount Kenya National Park lies a habitat for elephants, zebras, colobus monkeys, tree hyrax, leopard, buffalo, rhino and crocodiles. To add to the list, Hell’s Gate National Park and Lake Nakuru National Park stand out as the most preferred tourist destinations in Kenya and East Africa at large.

The bustling metropolitan cities and ports are yet another appealing tourism asset that has largely imparted positively on socio-economic and cultural setting of not only these towns but also the adjacent areas in Kenya. Metropolitan towns of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, among others have become home to the best hospitality and entertainment centers; places of revitalizing and admiration of the localized international experience with fine exotic cuisines, locally rich leisure and merrymaking, among others; the pivots of the tourism industry across East Africa.

The colossal and pearly sandy beaches along the East African seaboard in coastal towns of Mombasa, Lamu Malindi and Kilifi, and the amazing offshore islands of Manda and Pate in the Ungama Bay are captivating for visitors passionate about the ultimate ‘summer experience’ in Africa. These have been graced by several fashion photo-shoots, Art and craft, tourism documentary coverage, coastal trade, cultural nurture, appreciation of diversity and the beauty of nature.

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