Tanzania offers incredible diversity and is perhaps the most beautiful country in Africa, from the Serengeti plains with their annual mass migrations to towering, jungle-clad mountains and paradise archipelagos. With the most magnificent park in Africa, the Serengeti has vast landscapes and prolific amounts of game and is famed for the annual migration.

Between the Serengeti and Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Conservation Area rises; a true Garden of Eden, a home to the famous volcanic Crater and one of Tanzania's most popular wildlife viewing areas across the national park. With highland forest covering the sheer sides of the caldera, a spectacular barrier encircling the plains wildlife that roams the flat crater floor making it ideal viewing ground for a superb Tanzania safari; the true definition of nature.

Wildlife in Tanzania reveals the distinguished beauty and splendor that true nature represents. With highest concentrations of migratory wildlife ranging from Wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, hartebeest and eland, Tarangire National Park has one of the most noticeable highlights of the baobab trees that dot the grassy landscape as the wildlife crowds the lagoons. Astoundingly one of least accessible, Ruaha National Park gifts of landscape that remains relatively untouched and intact.

A habitat to over 400 species of bird that are not found in northern Tanzania, and the river, spectacular gorges, and majestic trees, Ruaha National Park are particularly appealing to birdwatchers and photographers. The other places to look out for in Tanzania include: Gombe Stream National Park, Katavi National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Arusha National Park, among other, habitats to amazing wildlife ranging from impala, reedbuck, lions, chimpanzees, warthogs, zebras, buffaloes, elephants gazelle, various game and diversity of bird life.

Tanzania's islands are invincible. Strung out in the Indian Ocean, the Zanzibar and Mafia archipelagos are tropical and idyllic with best beaches in the world with varying surf depending on what side of the island you are on. Mafia Island lures divers and snorkelers from around the world to the undersea world protected by the Mafia Island Marine Park with the preeminent diving months diving ranging from October to March, and incredible weather on Mafia Island is May to October. Dhows laden with spices sail over turquoise waters, whilst below the surface lay rich coral reefs alive with iridescent tropical fish. Tanzania is vibrant, exotic and a photographer's paradise.

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