What you need to know before you travel to Rwanda...


Temperatures average around 23°C (76°F), except for in the higher mountain areas where it ranges from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 60°F)

Rwanda can be visited and enjoyed any time of the year.

Dry Season: mid-May to mid-October. This is the time that is easiest to track the gorillas; however, it is not as “green” as the wet season.

July and August are peak season for visiting the gorillas, which means that travelling outside of these two months is easier to obtain a permit.

Wet Season: mid-October to mid-May

Nationals from the East African Community, Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada, South Africa, United States of America, Germany, Mauritius, Great Britain, Sweden, and Hong Kong may visit Rwanda without a visa for a period of up to 90 days.

If there is no Rwandan Embassy or Mission in your vicinity, an entry facility can be requested online on This facility can be used to obtain a visa at any official point of entry into Rwanda.

When packing

Warm clothes, fleece or light wool sweater, moisture wicking undergarments, lightweight wool socks, long sleeved shirt, strong waterproof walking boots (comfortable for going up and down steep hills), sturdy trousers, sunglasses, a torch, fast film, binoculars, sun screen, a sun hat, a breathable lightweight rain poncho or parka with a rain hat, gloves to grip vegetation (inexpensive gardening gloves work well) and a small backpack to carry water. It is best to have layers of clothing as temperatures tend to change. The guides will get you a walking stick if needed.

If you swim, bring your swimming costume, the main hotels in Kigali all have swimming pools. If your itinerary includes Lake Kivu at either Kibuye or Gisenyi you will have the opportunity to swim in the lake.

Voltage is 220V and 240V

Credit cards

The unit of currency is the Rwanda franc. One US Dollar is about 750 Rwandan Francs. US dollars are widely accepted in Rwanda. Please be aware that low denomination US Dollar bills (only post-2006) are usable. Bills should be in excellent condition with no stains or tears.

Visa Credit cards will only be accepted at the main hotels or lodges as well as some upper-market

Camera and film

Bring sufficient films, including fast film (400-1600 ASA) for gorilla tracking and batteries. Flash photography is not allowed, so fast film is useful (400-1600 ASA). Personal DVD recorders are allowed. Professional filmmakers require permission and need to purchase filming permits.


The only one you will need for Rwanda is Yellow Fever. We strongly suggest that you see your doctor about malaria precautions.

Rwanda is considered the safest travel destination in the region.


Rwanda has an excellent cell phone network covering almost the entire country. International phone calls can be made easily. Appropriate SIM cards for the network are readily available everywhere, even in remote towns, and cell phones can be purchased or rented from major shops in Kigali. Most towns of any size will have several Internet cafes and computer centers.

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